Movie Games – Johnny Mnemonic (Windows)


Johnny Mnemonic

Propaganda Code



Borrowing heavily from the so bad it’s……..still bad movie someone thought it was a good idea to make this FMV-based adventure game! FMV = win! Featuring some folk you don’t know and…..Isaac Hayes? Really?


In true FMV-adventure fashion, pretend you’re playing a real game by doing barely interactive puzzles and telling your character, who looks less like Keanu than I do, where to go and how to fight by pressing random keys! Exciting!


‘Fun’ Facts:

Can’t think of any…. Only joking!

The game used the same sets and props as the movie, as it was filmed at the same time, to give it that ‘genuine’ feel!

Bruce Glover, veteran actor and father of Crispin Glover, features in the game!


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