Movie Games – The Abyss : Incident at Europa (Windows)

The Abyss: Incident at Europa


Sound Source Interactive



My first reaction was ‘WTF?’ upon seeing this FPS follow up to James Cameron’s 1989 classic sci-fi film. Return to the underwater base to do battle with mutated humans and alien life-forms!


A barely comprehensible story explains how a virus from Jupiter’s moon has infected both the human crew and the aliens that we met in the original film, turning them into zombie-like mutants! Of course that makes total sense! Or it’s just standard 90s FPS backstory…🤔


Fun Facts:

The game ran on an entirely software-based 3D engine. Quake 2 was released a year earlier…think about that..

The 2 main characters are the same as those played by Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in the movie. Unsurprisingly they didn’t reprise their roles


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