Movie Games – Westworld 2000 (Windows)



Brooklyn Multimedia



“A new 3D shooter that picks up where the movie left off” declares the front of the box and quoting pcgamer ….while not quite understanding the point in wanting to quote PC Gamer on your cover-art!


Aiming to beat the adundant competition and gain the crown of ‘worst movie game ever’, Westworld 2000 features…wait for it…FMV cut-scenes! Battle robots through 35 levels over three ‘imaginative’ worlds (Samuraiworld, Westworld, Orbitworld) aiming to shut them all down!


Later described by the VP of publisher Byron Preiss as ‘not very good’ the game was the company’s first attempt to develop in-house.

If you lose health or do something naughty you are taken to jail! Seems apt as this game is criminal……(sorry) 😶




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