Movie Games – Blown Away (Windows)

Blown Away: The Interactive Game


Imagination Pilots



Inter… active… Game… 🙄 Does anyone, besides me, even remember the film?

Take on the role of bomb-squad officer James Dove as you pursue the crazy bomber-man chap in this FMV based game


Complete puzzle games in this 7th Guest style game as you aim to save victims & catch the maniac! Featuring some nice pre-rendered scenes and typically dodgy acting, the game actually garnered decent reviews at the time! Not for the bad guy’s disguises though 🤦‍♂️



Christopher Curry, who plays the beggar in the game, also played Johnny Rico’s dad in Starship Troopers!

Tommy Lee Jones’ Northern Irish accent from the movie makes an appearance as ‘Bomb squad cop #3’ Anyone remember the movie yet?


Bonus Info:

Check out the trailer for the game at YouTube if you want a giggle or to be transported back to the 90s FMV era of video games:



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