Movie Games – Ghostbusters VR: Now Hiring (PS4)


#Ghostbusters VR: Now Hiring


So this made me throw up a bit. Not because I’ve played it (don’t hate myself that much) but because they associated it with Ghostbusters and thought that was ok!
It’s not….

It’s really, really not!


So what SHOULD be amazing for fans where you explore the famous fire-station in VR and play with sweet gadgets (proton pack 😀), instead after maybe a few minutes of nostalgia-blinded joy you’ll feel dirty! Dirty for realising it’s you that has indeed been played!



Yes the ghost in the game is meant to be the one from the logo, only he’s voiced by Patton Oswalt, called Mooglie and mobile!

Fans will however know that ‘Mooglie’ was previously mobile in the intro to the amazing Real Ghostbusters cartoon! He was however mute..


Bonus Info!

@IanHigton of Eurogamer fame took a bullet for the team and ‘experienced’ the ‘game’ which you can read about and watch here:



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