Movie Games – The Fifth Element: NYR – New York Racing (Windows / PS2)

The Fifth Element – NYR: New York Race


Kalisto Entertainment



A whole game based on a few (albeit cool) minutes of a popular movie involving flying taxis! What could go wrong?! Ironically this arcade racer lacks a bit of depth but is still fun.


‘Inspired’ by Luc Besson’s cult classic film, control your flying car through all 3 dimensions of space as you do battle in one of 4 race modes!


The 12 tracks do well to show off the decent looking graphics engine and must be overcome to unlock the 30+ vehicles.



The power-ups in the game are inspired by the 4 elements, Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Where’s the fifth when you need her?

Kalisto, the developers, also made The Fifth Element game adaptation of the movie which was released for the PS1 three years before.


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Check out Eurogamer’s review of the PC version here:


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