Movie Games – Aliens Online (Windows)



Mythic Ent / Kesmai Studios



Erm… Aliens Online? What? When? Why?


Looking like a hybrid of Alien Trilogy (PS1) and Space Hulk (DOS), this online only game was playable via subscription to Kesmai’s Gamestorm gaming service!


Seriously…never bloody heard of it!


Play as Marine or Alien and choose your class. Battle across familiar looking levels, based on the films, in deathmatch and capture-the-flag modes


Team up with others to create a fire-team and see their viewpoint via in-game windows.



Still can’t get over this…Aliens Online? How have I never heard of it??



The game used a modified engine of the one built for Rolemaster: Magestorm…..anyone?..


You could play as a facehugger! Being killed by one was seen as a humiliation!


Bonus Info!

Am I just out of touch or something? Going senile perhaps? Why have I not heard of this or Rolechap:Magethunder or whatever it’s called??


Check out some gameplay footage on Youtube:



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